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Are you looking to boost your company's tech prowess, harness fresh talent, and fuel innovation? Look no further! At London Vesta College, we're your trusted partner in the exciting world of apprenticeships.

Unleash the Power of Hiring Apprentices!

Apprenticeships are not just about training; they are real jobs that shape future leaders in the tech and digital industries. At London Vesta College, a Government-approved training provider, we bring together motivated tech enthusiasts and forward-thinking employers to revolutionise your workforce.

Hire New IT & Digital Talent

Bridging the Tech Skills Gap

Hiring from our apprenticeship program is your golden ticket to access a pool of enthusiastic digital natives eager to kickstart their IT or Digital careers. Your apprentices will work alongside your team for 14-24 months, all while gaining essential qualifications and honing their soft skills under the guidance of our dedicated Just IT coaches.

How does it work?

The Road to Success

    It's simpler than you think! You decide to hire an apprentice, and if you do not already run in-house apprenticeships, we step in as your trusted Government-approved apprenticeship training provider.

  1. Finding the Perfect Fit:

    We work tirelessly to find candidates who are either new to the workforce or have gained valuable IT, Data, or Development experience through our accreted apprenticeship programs.

  2. Financial Support:

    The government backs you up! At least 90% of the training and assessment costs are funded, making apprenticeships a cost-effective solution. Read more about the Apprenticeship Levy here.

  3. Comprehensive Support:

    As your appointed training provider, we've got your back. We provide off-the-job training, conduct assessments, offer unwavering support for your business, and provide essential services for your apprentice.

When the apprenticeship ends…

A Win-Win Conclusion

It's decision time. You can transform your apprentice into a newly-skilled, full-time employee, ready to contribute their knowledge and fresh perspective to your organisation. At London Vesta College, we don't just bridge the tech skills gap; we create pathways to success for employers and apprentices. Join us in shaping the future of the digital world by hiring apprentices today!

Unlock the potential of apprenticeships with London Vesta College and watch your business soar to new heights in the digital age.

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