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Expert Instructors

LVC employs qualified tutors to maximise your learning.

Hybrid learning

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Extensive Curriculum

Our programs cover a wide range of areas, providing you with a large breadth of knowledge.

High rate of success

LVC has a 100% success rate on our apprenticeships


This Level 3 marketing program equips you with essential skills to support customer-focused marketing initiatives across various industries. Your role involves implementing marketing strategies, coordinating multi-channel activities, and creating engaging content. You'll conduct market research, analyze campaign data, and manage marketing software, ensuring efficient operations within the marketing function. Collaboration with internal teams and external stakeholders is integral to your role, fostering effective communication and alignment with organizational objectives.

Upon completion, you'll possess a comprehensive understanding of marketing fundamentals, enabling you to contribute to marketing strategy development, campaign execution, and budget management. With practical experience in marketing administration and stakeholder engagement, you'll be well-prepared to embark on a successful career in marketing, driving demand for products and services in today's dynamic business landscape.

Typical Jobs you can apply for:

  • Digital communications assistant

  • Digital marketing assistant

  • Marketing administrator

  • Marketing assistant

  • Marketing communications assistant

  • Marketing junior

  • Social media assistant

What you will learn:

  • Marketing strategy implementation.

  • Coordinating multi-channel marketing activities.

  • Content creation for diverse platforms.

  • Conducting market and customer research.

  • Analyzing campaign data and metrics.

  • Managing marketing software and systems.

  • Collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.

  • Contributing to budgeting and resource allocation.

Your curriculum is going to surround:

  • Marketing strategy execution.

  • Multi-channel marketing techniques.

  • Effective content creation.

  • Market and customer research methods.

  • Campaign analytics and data tools.

  • Marketing software management.

  • Stakeholder collaboration skills.

  • Budgeting and resource management in marketing.

As an Apprentice, you have the opportunity to learn while you earn. Starting wages typically average around £12,000 per year, with the potential to earn more as you progress.

One-to-one Support

You will have a Tutor/Skills Coach (SC) and a Digital Programme Coordinator (DPC) assigned to support you throughout your apprenticeship.

DPC will contact you every other week to discuss your progress about Knowledge module training progress to check whether you are understanding the training and also discuss about your work placement opportunities to gather evidence for your Summative portfolio.

The Skill coach will work with you to develop your portfolio of evidence for End Point Assessment. He / She will support you to gather evidence for various workplace projects.

We will set up an action plan with SMART targets for you to complete, so that you can progress your apprenticeship smoothly and achieve your apprenticeship as LVC planned.

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