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Software Development Technician

Are you interested in becoming a Software Development Technician? Consider doing an Apprenticeship with London Vesta College, we will guide you through the process and ensure your success!

Why you should do an Apprenticeship with LVC

Four points to convince you!

Expert Instructors

LVC employs highly qualified and experienced tutors to maximise your learning.

Hybrid Learning

LVC provides in-person and virtual lessons to suit individual apprentices and employers.

Extensive Curriculum

Our programmes cover a wide range of areas and provide you with a high level of knowledge which exceeds Apprenticeship employers’ expectations.

High rate of success

LVC has a 100% success rate on our apprenticeship program.


A software development technician apprenticeship is an effective way to become a software development technician. The apprenticeship will require the dedication of 15-18 months of a learner's time, which should be considered when you apply.

A software development technician apprenticeship will see you working for a business, performing software development technician services for them, such as building software components, interpreting design requirements, and implementing code. You will also have dedicated days of learning at the college, being effectively taught how to be a software developer through practical work experience and through lessons provided at the college by tutors.

As an apprentice, you will be paid a competitive salary for the work you are doing.

One-to-one Support

In addition to the Tutor-led knowledge modules lesson, you will have a Skills Coach (SC) and a Digital Programme Coordinator (DPC) assigned to support you throughout your apprenticeship.

The DPC will contact you every other week to discuss your knowledge module training progress and to check whether you understand the training. They will also discuss your work placement opportunities to gather evidence for your Summative portfolio.

The Skills Coach will work with you to develop your portfolio of evidence for the End Point Assessment. He/she will support you in gathering evidence for various workplace projects.

Both will support your employer (Technical Line Manager) to complete your Employer Reference / Evaluation, a document which highlights key competency and behaviour you have demonstrated for the final assessment, as part of the End Point Assessment.

In every one-to-one session, we will set up an action plan with SMART targets for you to complete, so that you can progress smoothly on your apprenticeship journey and achieve your apprenticeship as LVC has planned with yourself and your employer.

Typical Jobs you can apply for:

  • Software Development Technician

  • Junior Developer

  • Junior Web Developer

  • Junior Application Developer

  • Junior Mobile App Developer

  • Junior Games Developer

  • Junior Software Developer

  • Junior Application Support Analyst

  • Junior Programmer

  • Assistant Programmer

  • Automated Test Developer

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