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In this apprenticeship program for aspiring Digital Accessibility Specialists at Level 4, you'll embark on an enriching journey designed to cultivate the skills and expertise essential for success in the realm of digital accessibility. Tailored to meet the demands of diverse organizational landscapes, this apprenticeship equips you with the knowledge and tools necessary to champion accessibility standards effectively.

Throughout the program, you'll immerse yourself in the intricacies of digital accessibility, gaining insights into ensuring inclusivity across various sectors. Delve into a comprehensive curriculum curated to address the multifaceted aspects of the role, preparing you to navigate complex digital environments with confidence.

By the program's culmination, you'll emerge as a proficient Digital Accessibility Specialist, equipped to address the challenges of advocating for inclusivity and compliance with accessibility standards. Whether your aspirations lie in commerce, education, healthcare, or beyond, this apprenticeship lays a solid foundation for you to thrive in fostering digital accessibility and making a meaningful impact in the digital landscape.

Typical Jobs you can apply for:

  • Accessibility Consultant

  • Accessibility Specialist

  • Accessibility Subject Matter Expert (SME)

  • Accessibility Tester

  • Digital Accessibility Specialist

What you will learn:

  • Gain expertise in advising on accessibility best practices.

  • Learn to collaborate with organizations to meet accessibility standards and ensure inclusivity.

  • Acquire skills in training professionals to design and develop accessible solutions.

  • Master the art of testing and auditing digital content for compliance with accessibility guidelines.

  • Become proficient in providing technical support for digital assistive technology.

Your curriculum is going to surround:

  • Understanding organizational, national, and international accessibility standards.

  • Training in facilitating end-user testing with disabled user groups.

  • Procuring and providing digital assistive technologies, content, and services.

  • Interacting with various professionals to ensure accessibility in end-user experiences.

  • Advocating for and supporting the broader disability community.

As this is a level 4 Apprenticeship, you are able to learn while you earn and can negotiate your wage up to £16,000 per year.

One-to-one Support

You will have a Tutor/Skills Coach (SC) and a Digital Programme Coordinator (DPC) assigned to support you throughout your apprenticeship.

DPC will contact you every other week to discuss your progress about Knowledge module training progress to check whether you are understanding the training and also discuss about your work placement opportunities to gather evidence for your Summative portfolio.

The Skill coach will work with you to develop your portfolio of evidence for End Point Assessment. He / She will support you to gather evidence for various workplace projects. We will set up an action plan with SMART targets for you to complete, so that you can progress your apprenticeship smoothly and achieve your apprenticeship as LVC planned.

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