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Partner with us to access a pool of ambitious, tech-savvy apprentices dedicated to advancing your business in the digital world.

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Measuring Success at Vesta

Dive into the data that showcases our legacy of nurturing top-tier tech talent.

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Simple Hiring

Simplify Hiring with Apprenticeship Expertise

Discover the ease and benefits of integrating apprentices into your workforce with London Vesta College. Our streamlined process ensures a smooth journey from selecting the perfect apprentice to integrating them into your business.

Effortless Recruitment Process:
We handle the complexities of recruitment, presenting you with only the most suitable candidates, tailored to fit your company's specific needs and culture.
Maximise Your Levy Benefits:
Utilise your Apprenticeship Levy effectively with our guidance. Whether you are a levy-paying employer or a smaller business, we help you make the most of government incentives and funding.
Consistent Achievement Excellence:
Our curriculum, lauded by Ofsted for its relevance and adaptability, is designed to align with the specific skills and employment gaps in your industry, providing you with apprentices who are ready to meet your business challenges.
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The Vesta Difference

Elevate Your Workforce with Our Distinct Approach

Discover how partnering with London Vesta College offers unparalleled benefits to your business through our exceptional apprenticeship programs

Flexible Integration:
Our roll-on, roll-off enrollment system means apprentices can join your workforce anytime, providing your business with skilled talent exactly when needed.
Cost-Effective Workforce Expansion:
Leverage the financial benefits of the Apprenticeship Levy and enjoy the advantage of lower wage costs, making the integration of eager, well-trained apprentices into your team both affordable and valuable.
Expert-Led, Customised Support:
Benefit from the expertise of our industry-seasoned faculty, all members of the Chartered Institute of IT, providing personalised, one-to-one support throughout their apprenticeship.

Our Network of Excellence

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Enhance Your Team with Specialised Apprentices

Apprentices: Your Business Advantage

Choose from our array of apprenticeships, each tailored to infuse your company with expertise in critical tech and digital domains. Select from our apprenticeship programs to inject cutting-edge skills and fresh perspectives into your business.

Software Development Technician
Level 3
Support and innovate in software projects with emerging tech talent.
Applications Support Lead
Level 4
Ensure smooth software operation and user satisfaction with dedicated Apprentices.
Cyber Security Technologist
Level 4
Strengthen your cybersecurity defences with specialised apprentice Talent.
Data Analyst
Level 4
Leverage data-driven insights for strategic business decisions.
DevOps Engineer
Level 4
Streamline development and operations for efficient, agile workflows.
Digital Community Manager
Level 4
Boost your online engagement and brand presence with skilled apprentices.
Network Engineer
Level 4
Apprentices to fortify and manage your network infrastructure effectively.
Software Developer
Level 4
Enhance your software development with innovative, skilled apprentices.

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Employer FAQs: Hiring Vesta Apprentices

Find answers to your questions about partnering with London Vesta College and learn how our apprenticeship programs can be a strategic asset to your business. Please Contact Us if you have any more questions.

Q: What types of apprenticeships does London Vesta College offer?
We offer a wide range of apprenticeships in the IT/Digital Sector, including Level 3 and Level 4 programs in areas like Software Development, Digital Marketing, Data Technician, and Cyber Security.
Q: How does the recruitment process work for finding an apprentice?
We manage the entire recruitment process, starting from initial screening to in-person interviews. We assess candidates thoroughly to ensure they fit your business needs and send you the most suitable CVs for your final selection. For more information on recruiter's responsibilities, click here.
Q: Can small businesses benefit from hiring apprentices?
Absolutely. Small businesses can hire apprentices without incurring training costs for candidates aged 16-18, as the government covers 100% of the training expenses. This makes it highly beneficial for smaller enterprises.
Q: How does the Apprenticeship Levy work for employers?
Employers with a pay bill over £3 million pay into the Apprenticeship Levy. However, companies can utilise a £15,000 levy allowance to fund apprenticeship training, effectively making it a valuable investment in workforce development. For more information, click here.
Q: What support does London Vesta College provide throughout the apprenticeship?
We offer comprehensive support, including handling recruitment, training, and the 'End Point Assessment'. We also ensure the apprentices receive rigorous on-the-job and off-the-job training, providing numerous learning opportunities.
Q: What is the duration of an apprenticeship program at London Vesta College?
The duration varies depending on the apprenticeship standard and the apprentice's progress. Generally, apprenticeships can last between 12 to 48 months, providing a thorough learning and working experience.

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