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Are you an employer looking to hire a new employee? Do you want to benefit from a young person's unique skill sets and enthusiasm while also investing in their future? Sounds right? Hiring an apprentice could be the solution!

Brings in fresh perspectives & new talent

Apprenticeships are a great way for businesses to access the talent they need, while also helping to build a brighter future for young people. From bringing fresh perspectives and ideas to helping to drive innovation, apprentices can make a real difference to organisations The need to find the greatest new talent to cover critical skills shortages and create a resilient workforce has never been greater since the world of work is shifting more quickly than ever. The development of a workforce with skills that are in line with a company's future demands is made possible via apprenticeships, which can be a great route and significant for enhancing talent and skills.

Increase diversity

Apprenticeships, according to 33% of employers, have improved diversity inside their company. There is still work to be done to enhance access to apprenticeships, however, hiring apprentices may be a key instrument for boosting social mobility and improving the presence of minorities in many industries, including the IT sector, such as Cyber Security and Software Development.

 The future of any organisation is dependent on diversity, and developing a well-rounded workforce is critical for corporate development. Because of apprenticeships, the world of work is becoming more diverse, and opportunities are being made available to people from a variety of backgrounds.

Improve business & quality of work

When hiring an apprentice, the benefits outweigh the minor drawbacks! According to a government survey conducted in 2017, 86% of employers reported benefiting from the development of skills by hiring apprentices. Furthermore, 74% said apprenticeships improved the quality of their product or service, and 78% of small businesses have said it has provided them with a productivity boost.

Businesses can also benefit from available cash incentives. Businesses receive £1,000 in compensation if they engage an apprentice who is between the ages of 16 and 18 or who has an education or health care plan. It implies that firms can now use apprenticeships to create worthwhile career paths more than ever before. It suggests that businesses can use apprenticeships to develop excellent career paths more than ever.. 

Overall for both the apprentice and the employer, apprenticeships are a fascinating opportunity. It can increase business production in terms of finished work and offer financial incentives to employers. And for the apprentice, an apprenticeship is a great alternative to university and leaving with qualifications debt free! 

Haawa Abdillahi


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